Theydons Scene was originally launched in early 2015 with the aim to help promote all of the brilliant local & independent businesses that we have within the area. But in 2017 we really wanted to highlight this further so expanded our website to accommodate fully interactive articles and easy to read posts, alongside professional imagery to help showcase peoples work in the best possible light for our readers.

With the focus on not only the businesses but the people behind them, we went out in search to interview some of East London’s finest, and they didn’t disappoint!

We had the privilege of speaking with not only some of our favourite local designers and creatives but also the fantastic faces behind local shops and eateries, which only highlighted the importance to shop & support local further.

We want to say a massive thank you to the following for contributing their time and participating in ‘Theydons Scene’ during 2017 & also realising that we didn’t want anything out of it –  just to help promote them!

Perky Blenders

Lillies of Wanstead


Tweek n Go

Stengun Drawings

Epping Good Honey

Ikorn Popcorn

The feedback to theses articles and posts have been amazing and the support shown from our local people to our local businesses has been truly outstanding, so expect only bigger and better articles & videos when its comes to ‘Theydons Scene’ in 2018!

Throughout 2017 we were also very busy sponsoring and collaborating with our local schools, whether that be for seasonal Fairs, to quiz nights and jumble trails, you name it if we can help out our local community in anyway we are there!

This has been a big part of Theydons for over 30 years and although we don’t like to shout it from the rooftops about just how much we give back locally, we noticed the importance that we have when it comes to raising awareness for local events, like in the Leytonstone School Jumble Trail, where with our help in sponsorship & promotion through our social media outlets & newsletters,  we were able to break last years count of stalls and help to put on a successful event that raised even more money for such a brilliant school.

2017 also saw the launch of our ‘Theydons Scene’ goody bags, were we did a trial run at Gwyn Jones Primary School Holiday Fair, the bags were full of local produce and local businesses information including exclusive offers, and were handed out to parents & teachers for free! The idea behind the goody bags were to help promote local businesses & creatives in the most direct format, by supplying information & samples of their work to a targeted audience within their working area, and the result was more successful than we could of ever wished for! News travels fast between the local schools and with backing from the PTA’s and businesses, we hope to roll out our goody bags across most of our sponsored events throughout 2018, so definitely keep an eye out for them!


We look forward to seeing you all again throughout 2018 and would also like to take this time out to thank all of the amazing PTA’s who always put on such great events for the parents & children!

Below is a list of local schools we sponsor, including events and associations:

Leytonstone School

Leytonstone Community Pre-School

Barclay Primary School

Gwyn Jones Primary School

George Tomlinson Primary School

St. Aubyns School

Bancroft’s School

Upper Leytonstone Jumble Trail – Friends of Leytonstone School

Bushwood Residents Association

It truly was an amazing and fun year for ‘Theydons Scene’ and it has been a privilege to get to know the community in which we have worked and lived in for over 30 years even better! We can’t wait to share with you all of the exciting ideas we have for future articles & events, so make sure to check our lifestyle site for all information!