Theydons Style – Weekly Home Inspiration

This week we have been inspired by a variety of different interior design tips and tricks whilst taking photos of homes for marketing, and after the success of our first ‘Weekly Home Inspirations’ we are more than excited to share with you some of our latest finds, so hope you enjoy !

Traditional Feature Fireplaces 

It goes without saying that feature fireplaces in your home can really add that personal touch to a space, whether that be through dressings around the fireplace i.e. Photographs, candles or accessories to the choice of patterned tiled inserts used, a fireplace can become that central point of view when walking into an empty room and is a great starting point when styling the rest of your furniture within a space. Also on the plus side a great selling point when it comes to putting your home on the market!

We loved the way in which the above traditional fireplace with patterned tiled inserts and hearth added colour and life into an all neutral decorated master bedroom and with the added extra of a mirror and accessories adorning the mantel the room is seamlessly tied together to create an oasis of a bedroom and one of our personal faves that we have visited!

The above traditional fireplaces have all worked well in drawing a center point of view and by adding a mirror above, which is a popular option amongst many of the homes we visit, you are not only creating a perspective in which the room feels and appears larger, but it is also a great way to add depth and style to otherwise lifeless walls.

Statement Lighting 

What better way to pack a punch of style into a room than by adding some statement lighting! With this in mind we have collated some of our favorites from pendants to wall lights to show you how the right lighting can change the feel and look of a space!

The above light not only adds warmth to the space but is also an eye catching focal point, creating something special to an otherwise neutrally decorated room.

We loved the vintage vibe of this ‘Star Burst’ ceiling light and the way in which it blends in perfectly with the rest of the antique furniture within the room, creating the perfect setting for any dinner party or get together you may be hosting.

We also think that the wall lights are perfect for this style of dining area as they are understated and have a certain style to them that is modern & old, portraying the theme within the dining room to a tee.

Statement lights within your home have no boundaries and can be used in any room to add something dynamic to the space, as seen in the above photo, these fantastic cabaret lights set above the mirrors are not only practical for the bathroom but also look super chic and bring an element of fun to the decorative narrative of the space, which we think overall looks great!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks ‘Home Inspirations’ post and we’re already looking forward to the next installment, so stay tuned!