Theydons Style – Weekly Home Inspiration

This week we’ve been inspired by some recurrent Home Interior trends that we’ve seen whilst taking on a variety of different properties For Sale & Rent.

We have been loving your positive feedback regarding this section on our ‘Lifestyle’ site and we hope you enjoy this installment as much as the last!

Minimal Aesthetic 

Inspired by the Scandinavian way of living & decorating homes, the ‘minimal aesthetic’ look is one that is desired by many and is also one trend that is becoming ever more popular & recurrent when it comes to taking photographs of homes for Sale & Rent.

We couldn’t include this feature without highlighting this stunning 4 bedroom house that we have taken on For Sale through our Leytonstone office, as we think it showcases this interior trend to perfection and was just a dream to photograph!

Scandinavian interior design is all about textures and simple living, so by stripping down your decor to the bare essentials this will give you a great base and then its just about accessorising the room with cushions, throws, plants and prints.

By keeping the colour scheme neutral and rooms as clutter free as you can, I know it can be hard task, but this will help to make rooms appear larger and is a great way to stage homes when selling as prospective buyers can walk into your home and envision themselves and their belongings within the rooms rather than being distracted.

This home brilliantly highlights how the finest of details when it comes to dressing your home can make the biggest impacts & lasting impression!

Want to see this stunning property in all of its glory or to book a viewing appointment see here:

Kerb Appeal 

We know that first impressions when it comes to prospective buyers or tenants coming to view your property is everything, so where best to start then right on your doorstep!

Placing foliage on your doorstep or driveway is a great way of adding colour and character to your home, combined with neat paintwork and an eye catching door, you are almost certain to get your prospective buyers or tenants talking and for all of the right reasons!

A great way to make your doorstep seem less cluttered and more inviting is by keeping all bins, and we know there’s a lot these days, to one side making for a picture perfect first impression.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks ‘Home Inspirations’ post and we’re already looking forward to the next installment, so stay tuned!