Theydons Style – Weekly Home Inspiration

This week we’ve been inspired by some recurrent Home Interior trends that we’ve seen whilst taking on a variety of different properties For Sale & Rent.

We have been loving your positive feedback regarding this section on our ‘Lifestyle’ site and we hope you enjoy this installment as much as the last!


Making the most of space throughout your home is one of the many challenges you can face when it comes to redesigning an area, and one of the most important spaces that can always do with that extra bit of space is the Kitchen/Diner.

The hub to many a modern family’s home the Kitchen/Diner is a great space that needs that extra attention to detail to make it the most comfortable room for hosting many a party and meal to be enjoyed by everyone in the years to come.

The above property is a great example of using space to it’s best ability, by angling the dining table slightly you can fit both kitchen and diner comfortably into the one space and by using different pendants above the dining table compared to the kitchen you can subtly section off the two areas making the space appear and feel larger.

The above picture shows a great contrast between dining area and kitchen area within one space, by the use of different flooring and styles you can take the space into two different sections whilst still keeping the room as one, making for the perfect entertaining space in your home.

We love how the above property seamlessly blends both Kitchen and Diner together to cleverly create an extension of the kitchen that is not intrusive and one of our faves that we have seen recently.

Don’t have enough space for a dining table in the kitchen? Then why not try adding a breakfast bar which is not only  perfect for enjoying meals but also adds the welcome addition of more worktop space within the kitchen, which we know is a great help when it comes to this space in particular!

Be Bold with Colour 

We know it can be a daunting thought to decorate with bold colours within your home but if done in the right way this interior tip can be a great way to add some character and light into a space.

We love how the above example ties the whole room together with it’s clever use of colour and the way in which the accessories help to break down the walls, stopping them from overpowering the room and in return you are left with a bright and airy space that is filled with character and warmth.

If painting a whole room is still a little bit too much for you, then a great way to add colour into space is by starting off small, so why not try and paint the chimney breast in a bold colour, as seen in the above property, and then accessorize the rest of the room,  this way you can add character to the room without it being overwhelming.

Another way to add colour into your home is through bold artwork and furnishings, as seen in the above property, this is perfect if your don’t wish to have any permanent changes within a room and is also a great if you like to decorate your room according to seasons, as with a change of a few soft furnishings you can transform your space and stay current all year round!


We hope you enjoyed this weeks ‘Home Inspirations’ post and we’re already looking forward to the next installment, so stay tuned!